How much does a gorilla trek cost?

Protecting gorillas involves significant investments in research, rangers, and scientists. Some of the money raised from gorilla permits is used to fund activities to protect these majestic primates. In general, 15% of the money raised from gorilla permits goes to the government, 10% to local communities, and 75% to gorilla protection. It is also important to note that if the cost of gorilla permits were significantly reduced, too many tourists would visit the primates, compromising the overall well-being of the few inhabited gorilla groups.

Traveling alone is more expensive as you have to pay for transportation, accommodation and fuel yourself. In addition, it is important to note that companies add some surcharges to the total trip to provide administrative services (tour guides, office staff, office functionality) — this is usually 10 -20% of the total cost. The price of a gorilla tour is relatively dependent on your travel style, choice of accommodation, transfer convenience, and mainly the cost of a gorilla permit at the time of travel. You should also keep in mind that the health of these gorillas is more important than your vacation. A flu or cold can be dangerous for gorillas.

Uganda Gorilla Chimp Trek %26 Murchison Game Safari – 6 DaysUganda All Primates Gorilla Chimpanzees Golden Monkeys Safari – 6 Days You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy Gorilla Trekking Volcano National Park and you’ll have the chance to visit the twin lakes. And then there would be no more gorilla tracking in Bwindi, or at least it would be very risky to track down the gorillas in Bwindi. These guides also know each gorilla group and can also tell you the names and habits of the individual gorilla members.

There are two mountain gorilla parks in Uganda, namely the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Gorilla trekking for older people is more complicated as they would use limousine chairs and would have to hire about eight porters to lift them to the pursuit point. Rwanda describes itself as a high-end gorilla trekking destination. This is reflected in the higher price of the permit and the wider selection of top-end accommodation. For the price-performance ratio, many visitors to East Africa always mix gorilla trekking with a wildlife safari before or after the hike.

You must plan transportation to and from the Bwindi impenetrable national park as part of your gorilla trekking costs. As a rule, the driver will welcome you at the airport, take you to your lodge and accompany you to the start of the gorilla trekking point. We will be looking at it in Tanzania specifically for customers who want to go on tours in Tanzania and go gorilla trekking in Uganda.