Is gorilla trekking dangerous?

Gorilla trekking is very safe – accompanied by an experienced guide and the right attitude, your experience with the mountain gorillas is as safe as it is moving. Mountain gorillas are very calm and peaceful creatures given their size and strength.. They are often referred to as “the gentle giants of the forest.”. You will visit familiar gorilla families.

Habitual gorilla groups are those that are used to humans being around them — a process that takes 2 years. But as with any other wild animal, gorilla tours must be exercised with caution and rules must be followed.. Uganda has the highest number of mountain gorillas in Africa. They can be seen in two national parks — Mgahinga and Bwindi.

Uganda is also a relatively cheaper gorilla tracking destination than Rwanda. There have been no security incidents in Bwindi and Mgahinga Gorilla Park for over 20 years. The government has a military base within the parks that works with armed rangers and tourism police.. All these armed employees are well trained, equipped and motivated to ensure the park and tourist safety.

Border patrols are being carried out secretly by the Ugandan People’s Defence Forces to ensure that no rebel elements go for cover in the forests of neighboring countries.. Communities living near the park are involved in all safety precautions. As they benefit from tourism, they will report any suspicious activity that could threaten travelers. If you’re wondering if gorillas are dangerous, the answer is NO.

Africa is popular for many fearsome predators such as lions, hyenas and many more, but thankfully mountain gorillas aren’t one of them.. Mountain gorillas are accustomed to before they are opened to tourists for trekking. Mountain gorillas in the wild are not considered dangerous as long as they feel comfortable and relaxed. Although dominant and strong, mountain gorillas are gentle and shy.

The mountain gorillas that hikers can visit have also become accustomed to the presence of humans.. The accustoming process takes almost two years, and habitual gorillas in particular are considered safe nearby. You don’t have to worry about anything. The team of UWA rangers who accompany tourists on a gorilla trekking is very experienced in ensuring that all tourists are safe during gorilla trekking.

Uganda is the best mountain gorilla trekking destination in Africa for two reasons: affordability and safe gorilla trekking. Affordability is meaningless without security for gorilla trekkers. Gorilla trekking is absolutely safe even for slow trackers and/or inexperienced trekkers. The group is waiting for everyone and no one is left behind.

Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo receive significant income from funds raised for gorilla trekking. Don’t stare into the eyes otherwise — It’s very tempting as they look like a human and you want to know what they’re thinking, but don’t you dare, gorilla interprets a direct look as hostile and can protect themselves.. All in all, gorilla trekking in Africa is generally safe; with the exception of Virunga National Park in D. The other important destination for gorillas is the impenetrable Bwindi National Park in Uganda, which is home to about 400 mountain gorillas.

Watch what it’s like to follow Alice on a gorilla trekking to Uganda below and read the full itinerary. Gorilla trekking is a safe company as long as you follow a few basic rules and listen to your trek guide. All rangers’ encounters with poachers where a fire exchange took place after the gorilla trekking hours. In terms of protection, mountain gorilla tourism in Africa is a strictly regulated nature conservation project and is also the most important tourist attraction for all three mountain gorilla countries: Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The way gorilla trekking is done makes it one of the safest adventure travel experiences for young and fairly old and unfit travelers.. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park is one of three national parks in Africa where you can watch the mountain gorillas in the wild. Bwindi is home to over half of the remaining mountain gorilla population in the world. When you fly to Kigali to tour gorillas in Uganda, save up to $900 on gorilla permits. This is more money than enough to cover your accommodation, meals and transfer costs to and from Kigali. Always follow established precautions and advice from your booking agency, park rangers, guides or even local communities to have the best and safest gorilla trekking encounter.

Gorilla tourism is a significant source of income for the governments of Uganda and Rwanda and pays off to protect gorilla. You can find safe gorilla tracking in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla Park. If you are going on a trekking safari in Uganda or Rwanda, the ranger guides will accompany you into the jungle to make sure you are safe as they are very familiar with the gorillas.

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